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Core Essence Healing

Core Essence Healing helps you to return to your Divine Blueprint to who you really are!

You can reconnect with the Divine Essence you truly ARE, what I call your "Lightbody". To allow this pure and free connection to your true divinity, it is necessary to dissolve any old programming which no longer serves you, to be the Divine Human you are.


Core Essence Healing penetrates deeply into your cellular memory and reawakens the pure divine light of every cell of your being. It floods your DNA with pure Divine Love to release old programming which does not resonate with your Highest Essence, your true Divine Being.


It is time especially now, to find yourself again and to do what you came for: to really, really, re-awake your true free SELF and to radiate your true Love and Divine Essence towards everything in your life! Everything and everyone around will be uplifted quickly to heal and easily find the way to their own higher truth!

Let Core Essence Healing help you free yourself to live in peace, harmony, inner freedom and TRUE LOVE - and create for yourself, and for everyone an atmosphere of allowing and appreciation for who we truly are - Divine Essence!


We can create the „Golden Age“ on planet earth, here and NOW!

BE in Divine Service through your life! It is what we came for. Let us start to free ourselves! Let us enjoy, who we are and start living together in peace, harmony and TRUE LOVE!



And it all starts with YOU by Freeing your Core Essence & healing yourself!

Core Essence Healing
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About Maria Sereena: 
Maria works as a spiritual teacher and healer since her awakening after her Near-Death-Experience. 
This deeply changed everything in her life.
Her strong inner guidance and the connection to her spiritual guides have been brought back to her consciousness. And it quickly became very natural to her. 
She is deeply guided from her inner source and loves to teach others how to get into that merging with the divine, to awaken their inner guidance, the connection to the source of love, light and all that is.
“Maria is a gifted, caring, passionate and wise spiritual teacher and healer. 
Her guidance is accurate deep and insightful. For anyone on a spiritual path, she is a dear friend and a powerful inspiration.” 
Lou Martin, Los Angeles
Conscious Channeling / Readings / Groups / Workshops 

A short Info about me
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If you want to contact me, or work with me, please e-mail me, I will get back to you as soon as possible. I will answer every e-mail. Looking forward to hear from you and if I can support you on your individual soul-journey.